Lithium-ion Rocks!

E50: North America’s Unconventional Lithium Promise - Alex Grant

January 25, 2022

Alex Grant, aka "Prince & the DLE EVolution," joins Howard and Rodney for a long overdue first interview covering North America's substantial and diverse lithium opportunity set. Discussion covers the potential to create a more secure, sustainable and *scalable* supply chain from the region's unique salar, geothermal and petro-brines and hard rock and sediment assets across Alberta, Arkansas, Utah, California, Nevada, Carolina and eastern Canada. Thoughts include Tesla's differentiated, acid-free approach to unlocking clay deposits.

A number of Alex's writings referenced in the video. See link at the bottom of this video description for all Alex's lithium research as well as his association with leading Life Cycle Assessment company MinViro. Follow Alex on twitter @Alexjadecove

Podcast index

0:00 - 2:13 Introduction, Howard discusses investment and offtake into DLE
2:14 - 4:35 Alex gives an overview of his background & discusses the unique nature of brines
4:36 - 7:32 North American brownfield brine opportunities
7:33 - 9:46 There are a number of DLE technologies, sorption and Ion Exchange are the two main ones, Alex explains the difference between them
9:47 - 12:50 How important is grade and magnesium for brine? Can DLE economically extract the lithium?
12:51 - 16:14 Infrastructure matters - North America as an opportunity
16:15 - 18:20 Realistically what percentage of a resource can you recover using DLE?
18:21 - 20:35 Schlumberger's approach to lithium & how is E3's Leduc reservoir similar to Standard Lithium?
20:36 - 22:07 What are the important characteristics of a DLE brine?
22:08 - 28:46 Minviro and key LCA variables, Alex discusses decarbonization
28:47 - 29:40 Tesla's lithium strategy


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Welcome to Rock Stock Channel. Today we start a new series of individual short videos on raw materials companies that we think should benefit from the rising demand from electric vehicles, energy storage and other clean energy technologies.

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Intro and outro audio credit: Jamie Klein

Research by Alex Grant, Jade Cove Partners


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